We at Smile Factory Goa, want our patients to have the best that Dentistry has to offer today. We aim at giving our patients the best implant systems and use proven methods to making implant restoration your choice for your new teeth.

We can restore –

  • A single tooth with an implant and implant crown
  • Restore multiple missing teeth with an implant retained bridge
  • Restore completely edentulous mouths with implant supported fixed, partial and complete dentures

We can achieve the ultimate stability and biting strength with hybrid over-dentures fixed on as few as four dental implants. Each patient’s implant treatment is individualized and carefully assessed for long term success.

Procedure of
Dental Implants

The procedure for replacing damaged or missing teeth with dental implants involves two stages. The first stage is the surgical stage that includes the surgical placement of the implants and temporary replacement of the missing teeth wherever needed. The second stage is the prosthetic stage which involves the  fabrication of the permanent prosthesis over the implants which is done after 4- 6 months depending on the healing of bone.

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