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This is Why We Exude Happiness and Smiles

At Smile Factory Dental Practice, we have always been revered for our homely, uplifting and warm vibes. Dr. Rachna Fernandes (Director and Chief Consultant Dentist at Smile Factory) is known for her positive energy and ability to make your dental woes disappear with her comforting smile.

From the very beginning, Smile Factory has followed 3 core rules of practice, which has over the years become our identity and personality.

  1. Do for Others What You Would do for Your Family
  2. Treat Everyone as if they were Your Family
  3. Still be in speaking terms with the patient after 20 years.


Do for Others What You Would do for Your Family

The Smile Factory ambiance has been personally designed with our patients comfort and happiness in mind. Our three operatories, Cherry, Kiwi and Sugarberry are designed to make your dental appointment a joyful and comforting experience. You can get your treatment done while listening to uplifting tunes reverberating throughout the clinic. In regards to the ambiance and design of the clinic Dr. Rachna says, “I have designed the operatories and clinic based on what I would like to see and on what would make me happy if I were to visit a dentist”.


Treat everyone as if they were Your Family

The moment you walk into the spotless Smile Factory waiting room you are greeted with happy smiles and a warm welcoming atmosphere.  Dr. Rachna lives by the rule that you should treat every person that walks through the Smile Factory doors just as you would like to be treated. When presented with treatment options Dr. Rachna says that her patients often put the decision in her hands and therefore she says, “we always treat our patients like we were treating our family, or\ based upon what I would opt for if I were to go into treatment”


Still be in Speaking Terms with the Patient after 20 Years

From the moment you are associated with Smile Factory, you become one of us, and we like to keep in touch with our Smile Factory family. Our relationship stretches beyond our patients dental concerns. Our patients have always been satisfied with the treatment they receive and are glad to be associated with us through out their dental needs.