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    B.D.S., MSc. Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry University of Manchester, Manchester, UK Implantologist, AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) Dentsply, Germany

    More than a google search, more than the girl next door, her strength is her skill, her tools a smile and her drill! Say hello to Goa’s best dentist. Her practice exudes an old-world charm and her charisma a warmth unbound. But, if you are looking for the top dentist in Goa let her 27 years of experience and too many to be counted/gazillion number of patients do the talking. Her talent is like the wind, it has crossed borders and created a stir the world over, no wonder she has patients from all over the world/all across the globe. Just walk in through those glass doors and let her take you on a ride of ease and comfort to the smile of your dreams. A great listener, a compassionate heart and talent that knows no bounds – Dr. Rachna Fernandes, the giver of smiles, the giggle of a thousand fluttering butterflies and the style of Hepburn in this Kardashian world!

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  • dental clinic dr. neantha
    Dr. Neantha Fernandes
    MDS Prosthodontics (RGUHS, India)

    With an experience of over 13 years, she has a genuine passion for dentistry and patient care and has the training and expertise to treat complex implant, restorative cases and full mouth rehabilitations. She has dealt with a wide range of patients with complex dental concerns including maxillofacial defects. Transforming a patient’s life is her goal, as well as ensuring excellent dental health. By balancing aesthetics, function and comfort she improves their quality of life by restoring their dental health and confidence. She regularly attends conferences and advanced dental courses to keep abreast with the latest dental technology and further her professional excellence, in her free time she enjoys going on long drives, swimming and spending time outdoors with her family.

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  • Dr. Nandini Patil
    M. D. S Prosthodontist

    Losing a tooth or teeth may be heartbreaking, but fret not. She can give you new ones in a jiffy. She, with her precise treatment planning and up to date knowledge of the various new modalities, will make sure to give you the smile you always wanted. Her patience and soft spoken demeanor makes it easier for one to communicate and ultimately leave you with not only just a smile, but a smile with a glow.

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  • dental clinic services dr. priya
    Dr Priya de Sousa
    MDS Periodontics (CIDS, India)

    Dr Priya de Sousa with an experience of over 15yrs, specializes in treating gum diseases and restoring them back to health. She believes that if the tissues surrounding the teeth are healthy, then your teeth certainly have a longer life.

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  • dental clinic services
    Dr. Alissa Maria Varella

    She is a Gold Medalist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics and is the recipient of the American Association of Orthodontists’ Charley Schultz Resident Scholar International Award held at the AAO Annual Session, Washington D.C. Driven by her passion for Orthodontics and the desire for excellence, Dr. Alissa Maria Varella is a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail and a sense of utmost dedication towards her patients, coupled with unique communicational and analytical skills. Her expertise precisely encompasses the correction of maligned teeth, reconstruction of the entire dentofacial region by means of orthognathic surgery, modification of facial growth using functional and orthopedic appliances and the treatment of various dentofacial deformities, syndromes and individuals with cleft lip and palate thereby achieving and delivering optimum aesthetics, function and balance.

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  • Dr. Jeff Joy
    B.D.S, M. D. S Endodontics/ Root Canal Specialist

    What makes him successful is his distinctive approach towards his patients. He combines patient education and technology in a way that maximises patient comfort. He has the uncanny ability of simplifying Modern Dentistry for the understanding of one and all. His painless approach to root canals is what makes him popular among all his patients.

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  • Dr. Tanay Chawda
    General Dentist

    When you are led by example, you learn and when that example is at home, skill is quantified by motivation. Meet Dr. Rachna 2.0 – Dr. Tanay. This iconic mom and son duo are redefining dental expertise, one day and one patient at a time. Dr. Tanay has infused a new motivation and zeal to Smile Factory, Goa by bringing in cutting edge new technologies and the expertise that is a must with these. He is currently under training at the prestigious Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore. We are taking experience from the years gone by and welcoming the future with open arms. The charm of his humility, the confidence of his craft and skill that is unparalleled – the future is here, the future is Dr. Tanay, the future is Smile Factory.

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  • dental treatment services
    Dr. Loretta Luis
    Senior General Dentist (GDC, India)

    Senior General Dentist GDC, Goa. Artistic, articulate and an all-rounder. You can always count on her for her exemplary and meticulous work. Her gentle and playful nature is an added bonus. Artistic, articulate and an all-rounder. You can always count on her for her exemplary and meticulous work. Her gentle and playful nature is an added bonus.

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  • Dr.Varuna Kaisary
    B.D.S General Dentist

    Perceptive, precise and pleasant. Her millennial outlook makes her technology savvy and intuitive with a desire for diverse work. An eye for detail and witty responses are her forte.

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  • dental clinic services in goa
    Dr. Bernadette Dabholkar
    For Sedation

    MD Anaesthesiology She promises to take you to the moon and back with her magic potion; the added advantage being you getting your tooth work all done under sedation without the hullabaloo of being drilled!

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