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If you have ever experienced tooth ache, you have dealt with an array of solutions from your near ones. Ranging from applying clove oil, salt water rinses, alcohol, to the best one of them all – “Try my dentist, he/she is cheap and good!!!” A lot of patients come back to us saying that they got quoted lesser for the same treatment at another practice.

Dental pricing for procedures are never based only on the expertise of the clinician, it’s always an amalgamation of multiple factors. Allow us this opportunity to give you a brief breakdown of how prices are allocated for various procedures


  1. Sterilization and Hygiene

The success of all dental procedures starts from the single most important factor – proper sterilization. A lot of our patients talk about the spot-on service and treatment they receive at Smile Factory. All practices follow almost all steps of sterilization, but at Smile Factory, we go beyond the regular – for us sterilization begins even before our patient steps in. While you wait your turn in the clinic, as you are filling in the OPD form, a trained auxiliary staff is surface sterilizing the dental chair on which you shall be seated. The spittoon and three way syringes are disinfected not just after each and every use, but at the end of each and every day as well.

An extended step of sterilization is correct medical waste disposal. During our training years, a lot of stress is laid on colour coded garbage disposal, which is why each of our chambers and each of our staff is dedicatedly trained in the same. From disposing used syringes and needles to stained gauze pieces, all sources of any cross infection are eliminated.

  1. Skill

The second mantra for a successful dental treatment is the SKILL of the dental surgeon. In a lot of practices, either a single individual or a group of 2 -3 people are considered apt at performing the vast array of dental procedures, however at Smile Factory, we pride ourselves as one the most technically skilled team of Dental surgeons. Our only aim is to provide the highest quality of work to each and every patient. Hence there is a specialized dentist assigned for root canals, Implants, crowns and bridges, scaling and polishing, fillings, children’s teeth etc.

There are two facets involving specialists in Dental treatment, one is the correct technique which is mastered by the skilled individual only, and the second is efficiency of the specialist in charge. At Smile Factory, we are a group of individual masters as opposed to a single person being jack of all trades. Our dentist constantly update themselves regarding the latest dental techniques and practices. There are regular surprise audits conducted, to ensure everything at Smile Factory is perfect.

  1. Auxiliary Staff – Our Backbone

Very careful and meticulous introspection goes in to selecting only the properly trained auxiliary staff at Smile Factory. We trust our staff, without batting an eyelid, the demand for a material or the movement of our hand is quickly and efficiently interpreted. They are extremely efficient and ensure the smooth running of the clinic, paying meticulous attention to the smallest details, from undertaking the day-to-day functioning of the clinic, making sure each patient receives personal attention, to delivering the best patient experience.

  1. Equality in dental treatment

At Smile Factory we treat all our patients equally with the same amount of professionalism, warmth and care. No matter who you are or where you come from you will receive the best treatment at our practice. In the same sense, the level of treatment for everyone is to the best standard. Having said that, we sometimes also provide charity treatment for the underprivileged.

  1. Behind the scene factor

The tools on hand at Smile Factory practice include highly specialized equipment that is of international standard from countries like the US, UK and Germany. Additionally, we need to rely and work with third party laboratories and other dental product companies for things like crowns, dentures, veneers, etc. We only use the best labs and dental products. We have collaborations with three best dental laboratories in India.

We pride ourselves in undertaking spot on maintenance of equipment and premises, and providing all the facilities that our patients are entitled to like adequate air-conditioning, generator backup facility, lighting, water etc. four operatories each assigned for different treatments, a well maintained waiting and reception area. The Smile Factory ambiance has been personally designed with our patients comfort and happiness in mind. The moment you walk into the spotless Smile Factory waiting room you are greeted with happy smiles, bright colours and a warm welcoming atmosphere. Our operatories, are designed to make your dental appointment a joyful and comforting experience. You can get your treatment done while listening to uplifting tunes reverberating throughout the clinic.

When it comes to which dentist to trust your smile with, choices are many, and decisions can be easily plagued by opinions and unanswered questions. We provide elaborate dental consultations at no extra cost, as we understand the value of hard earned money. Saving a buck or two is wise, but ONLY when you are buying during a sale. It is also worth noting that if you are provided with a discount there is a compromise being made.

With the advent of various private practitioners, you will find many who are willing to explain the why of a treatment, but it’s us who are willing to explain the how. When you choose us for your dental work you don’t just choose a clinic, you choose an expert surgeon/clinician, a technician, an attendant, a front office staff, a preliminary examiner, and a follow up schedule. All of these, who, may seem random to you, are actually chosen for you after diligent selection. We don’t leave anything to chance. When you pay for your treatment at Smile factory, you don’t just pay for your procedure, you pay for the diligence of carefully chosen staff, dental material, lab support, so on and so forth.

The world is full of options, choose wisely, choose healthy, choose PRICEY, NOT DICEY!!!